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A classroom toolbox for developing creative thinking skills with open-ended resources to build any imaginable Strawbees construction!

The STEAM School Kit is our most massive construction kit and provides over 4000 pieces. Enough to create enough stacked geometric shapes as tall as a student or work together as a class to create projects large enough to reach the ceiling!

Expand those geometric reasoning skills with five different precut straw sizes for scaling project sizes. This kit arrives as a storage box with pull-out material trays to get started building!

This kit comes with the Pocketful of Ideas card deck with 100+ challenges.

An individual, smaller version of this Strawbees kit is available.

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Content for this kit

At Strawbees we recognize each classroom is unique and that is why we offer a range of equally excellent products and content, balancing personalization and structure without compromising quality.

You will have access to a full range of Lesson Plans, Activities and Explorations as well as different ways to navigate through it, highlighting different learning strategies and expected outcomes.

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