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Make a quirky robot out of anything! Transform your Strawbees projects into interactive robots using electronic construction pieces with Quirkbot for the classroom.

Transform your Strawbees projects into interactive robots! Using electronic construction pieces, you can program them to life them with Quirkbot. Design linkages and geometric structures make ideal bases for a robot's body or mechanical object.

Connect to the computer, code, and upload a program to tell it to move, blink or both! Make a walker, a blinking star, or a pig shake in fear when it senses darkness.

With the Coding and Robotics kit, you can learn how to program in three different ways: flow, block, and text for all levels of experience. View our programming interface at

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At Strawbees we recognize each classroom is unique and that is why we offer a range of equally excellent products and content, balancing personalization and structure without compromising quality.

You will have access to a full range of Lesson Plans, Activities and Explorations as well as different ways to navigate through it, highlighting different learning strategies and expected outcomes.

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