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With this kit you learn the basic concepts of bridge design. An engaging hands-on learning experience!

Construct bridges from a small truss design to a strong, large-scale construction collectively made together as a classroom.

Learn how to strengthen structures by triangulation and design an environment for where your bridge is based. The Strawbees Classroom Experience thematic kits are designed to encourage student collaboration in activities as they start with their individual kits and combine their projects with other student projects to accomplish challenges and expand construction builds together as a classroom.

Comes as a box with 20 student kits inside, plus a teachers kit and a spare parts kit.

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At Strawbees we recognize each classroom is unique and that is why we offer a range of equally excellent products and content, balancing personalization and structure without compromising quality.

You will have access to a full range of Lesson Plans, Activities and Explorations as well as different ways to navigate through it, highlighting different learning strategies and expected outcomes.

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