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Make a Friendbot with BBC micro:bit

Make a micro:bit robotic companion to react and express when meeting friends.

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Make friends with robots! Humans express themselves through facial expressions, gestures using your hands and head, using body posture or dialogue, to create signals to another person. 

Using the motion of the servo motor and the different posture movements shown with Strawbees the geometric shapes and connectors these robots can be portrayed as emotional information conveyed by posture and gestures to communicate with you. Building a Friendbot shows you how expressive we can be through non-verbal communication.  

Use the MakeCode editor to program the Robotic Inventions for micro:bit. 

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What are other feelings your Friendbot can express in different situations?

Once you observe and describe the different types of motor movements, it becomes easier to describe Friendbot’s expression. Ways to expand on the Friendbot activity are modifying its expressive motion, changing the servo motor’s physical orientation on the Strawbees construction. You can also change the speed and movement using code amongst many other coding opportunities in MakeCode. Try it!

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