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Create a Robot Racer with Quirkbot

Build a robot that walks and then try to make it run.

Creating a robot that walks around is a great activity to gain basic building and language skills. By placing the motor in unexpected places, switching the speed it moves, upgrading your Strawbees construction and by considering the placement of the Quirkbot in your build, you can get many styles of movement. We recommend uploading the Factory Program to your Quirkbot before the activity.

Organizing the robots in a racing setting is a suggestion and could just as well be replaced by other challenges or constraints.

Running in a straight line can be challengingRunning in a straight line can be challenging
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Running in a straight line can be challenging
Add obstacles and modify the shape of robot bodies to create new situations
Changing the surface material and angle can cause dramatic changes in your robot’s performance

Once you can observe and describe the different types of motor movements, it’s easier to describe how else it should move. Use our CODE programming interface to program the Quirkbot.

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