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Build a Musical Instrument with Quirkbot

Rock out programming a simple instrument constructed with conductive materials and play music on the computer.

The universal language of music transcends across many methods. You can sing a song changing with the vibrations of your voice, play a clapping game with friends, or jam with a set of drums with kitchen pots.

In this activity will build an instrument with construction materials, connect to the computer, and play sounds using the key press interaction to trigger sounds played from the computer.

Make a cardboard box from a small sheet from the recycling bin as the playable keyboard platform for pressing buttons against a hard surface. The buttons themselves also can be made as a larger surface for pressing the keys of the instrument. You can grip the ends of the alligator cables on conductive materials like copper tape, aluminum foil, pots, or anything else made of metal! We have a custom-made cardboard punch tool you can print on a 3D printer found on our Thingiverse account here.

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Use our CODE programming interface to program the Quirkbot.

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Launch the Music app and pick an instrument with the 5 sounds assigned to A, S, D, F, G keys on your keyboard.

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