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Base models with building instructions, tips, and tricks, complete with videos and photos to guide and give examples.

Lesson Plans

Teacher facilitation guides on how to engage in project-based and thematic learning with clear objectives for student agency and intrinsic motivation.

Professional Development

We want to provide professional development opportunities to lift barriers to learning technologies and new instructional methods using Strawbees.

Our upcoming programs will help provide support to strengthen practice and skills with hands-on learning materials to increase the quality of teaching, ultimately for improving student learning to become creative thinkers.

Drum roll, please!

From January 2022, Strawbees Learning will become… Strawbees Classroom!

A mixture of inspiration, imagination and a whole lot of STEAM, this amazing online resource offers a huge library of learning experiences. Curriculum-aligned, class-ready lessons. Time-saving teaching guides. Professional development resources.

STEAM teaching has never been smarter, easier or funner.

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